The Forest dieback *1has been regenerated by CHARCOAL in Sado, Japan

On Oct 24th, 2009, we saw that the forest of Quercus serrata Murray*2 (Oaks) in the Yusuro-Park, Sado was severely damaged and dying by cause of acid rain and Platypus qercivorus'*3' eating.


After one year later, we observed that those damaged trees have been regenerated and the leaves have been turned out healthy green. Although there were a lot of small holes in the trees made by bugs, resin was coming out from those holes, which means all Platypus quercivorus were gone away from the trees.


Since Oct 24th, 2009, I have observed and diarized their changes.

1)    Please see the attached photos No. 1, 2, 3

I took a memo: "Those Quercus serrata Murrays might not be saved by charcoal..."

2)    Please see the attached photo No. 10

This Quercus serrata Murray was most damaged and I took a memo: "If it could be regenerated by charcoal, it would be miracle."


I thought all the 21 trees would be probably regenerated in the remote future, but one year later, they have been all regenerated. Because we put 227kg of charcoal around them. We didn't put charcoal into the soil around the most damaged Quercust serrata Murray's last year. But this time we added it, including all the other Quercus serrata Murray's. Now each tree has been surrounded by added 100kg charcoal.


We are really looking forward to waiting the result in the near future.


*1 Forest dieback: A condition in trees or woody plants in which peripheral parts are killed, either by parasites or due to conditions like acid rain and drought.

*2 Quercus serrata Murray:

*3 Platypus quercivorus: Insect name

*4 Acid rain: elevated levels of hydrogen ions (low pH). It can have harmful effects on plants, aquatic animals, and infrastructure through the process of wet deposition.

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